Sunday, December 11, 2005

The end of an era!

In 30 hours, 38minutes I will be submitting the culmination of 4 years blood, sweat and tears.

For your viewing pleasure, please feel free to read the outcomes section of my reflective journal. Please note, I wrote this crap after 13hours straight ona computer having just written over 13,000 words in a day!


Four years of blood, sweat and tears!

This course has been an extraordinary experience for me. The challenges of tackling subjects that are not familiar to me and dealing with often difficult team work have prepared me for what is to come – the real world!

On Friday the 9th of November I was offered a position as a graduate officer for the department for State Development, Trade and Innovation. While the subjects that I have studied and the formal learning programs have helped me to secure this position, I feel that the greatest contribution to my success in the recruitment process is the result of the softer skills that LS50 has taught me.

This degree has been extremely rewarding for me and has equipped me with skills that will stay with me both throughout my career and in my personal life. The skills of networking, communication, leadership, conflict resolution, presentions and teamwork are skills that I would not have been able to develop in any other degree.

My journey through LS50 has been challenging, stressful and rewarding. The people that I have met and the experiences I have had in the course both in and out of the lecture theatre have had a strong impact on me. My growth, both personally and professionally has been profound. I am leaving this course confident and ready for the real world.

I am ready for my next challenge!

Monday, August 15, 2005

VICTORY... or is it?

Today is a glorious day, the first day that Vesna, a whinging mole, is not gracing our TV screens in a glorified manner... EVICTED from big brother.

Unfortunately, this means that as of today, she has been released into the society that voted her out. Run for cover, if you make contact with the overly rude snarling beast, use a young nieve 14 year old girl as a decoy, failing that, stand behind a young attractive male and hope she takes the bait (or the sacrifice).

Thursday, August 11, 2005


If anyone knows who this Luke is could you please let me know. It is annoying the shit out of me!

Saturday, August 06, 2005


As this is the first post that I have written while under the affluence of incahol, I thought it only right that I should attempt to get inside the mind of the drunk (something I may regret in the morning).

The drunk on politics:
generally has a clear point of view. This point will be hammered into anyone willing to listen until a point contradicting them surface at which point a battle ensues. The most emotive drunk will usually win, with the other, less knowledgable drunk left agreeing with the altered view (but not quite sure why). " YEAH MATE, I AGREE WITH YA EH, JONNIE's A TOP BLOKE"

The drunk on religion:
one of two options is available here. a) take the high road.... no one knows ethics and religion like this drunk or b) damn man, I'm an atheist (thanks for the spelling dan)... fuck this god shit, whats he ever done for me? NOTHIN

The drunk on sex:
knows all, is the best in bed. Crucial flaw in this equation though is that if this (male) drunk manages to slurr his way into taking a woman (or man, I don't discriminate) home for um... stuff, they cant get it up... despite their insistance that "It's normally huge", they've "Never had this problem before" and "I dont know whats wrong, normally I have the chick begging for more (clearly a regular cas. partner and FAKING). The flip side is, if the woman is drunk and manages to take home an unsuspecting partner, as soon as they hit the pillow they are either too tired to move, have a headache or just cant be fucked anymoreeeeeee.

the drunk on sleeping:


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Section 8

As promised, this is the post dedicated to the one and only Dan... the best Cpl. Maxwell Klinger in the history of LS50 camp trips.

Dan's outfit, for those who were unfortunate enough not to attend, consisted of pink fuzzy slippers, a bath robe and a shower cap! Aptly plied with much alcohol, his comments and actions during the evening made him worthy of the much sort after and desired Section 8 (which by the way I still don't know whether or not Klinger actually succeeded in getting).

None the less, I hearby grant Dan the ever elusive section 8 for his well timed comments, witty reportoire, comments from way left field and his outstanding dress sense.

In all honesty, Dan gets the section 8 for one reason and one reason only...

The Cow

But that is his story... and one that I would rather not repeat.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Flu shot my ass....

For the first year ever, I was actually smart enough to think ahead and have the flu shot! Ever so proud of myself I have challenged winter to throw its best at me... and it has.

For the third (count em, 1, 2, 3) time this winter I have the dreaded flu. The flu shot is clearly false advertising, trying to rip off old people. Perhaps, the shot works as a targeting system for the nastier versions of the flu. If the government wants to reduce the strain on the nursing home and public health, why wouldnt they try and knock off the old folk.

I am going back to bed! Stupid flu shot.

Sunday, July 31, 2005


There really is no other way to describe what actually turned out to be a great evening.

To set the scene, a close family friends has just celebrated her half century. Living in Kingaroy, a not so small country town about 3 hours north-west of Brisbane, her birthday was celebrated in the town hall with copious amounts of alcohol (not supplied but non the less consumed). All the necessary parties attended, the flanno, the christians, the youngens, the old folk and of course the necessary blow up doll. Unfortumately, the absence of square dancing prevented this shindig from eventuating into a full on Hoedown.

The girl of the day received some presents that she may not quite have appreciated, the lacy g-string, blow up companion and a bag of marbles to replace the ones she has already lost were among them.

I made a fantastic discovery, which I paid for during the entire drive home, Tequila shots are cheap in the country. At $3, it was a bargain I couldn't possibly pass up. It goes without saying that I now wish I had.

My brother's posing is beaten by none, at every occasion he manages to take the spotlight. The pictures below are party of his "city boy in the country" collection and can only be beaten by the flanno wearing party goer, who unfortunately managed to elude my camera :(